RTS LS Front Sump cast aluminium oil pans are specifically designed to install on an LS engine in a variety of Holden and Chevrolet street muscle cars. These pans offer OEM fitment, oil filter mounting, oil cooler provisions and use OEM styled gaskets. They are manufactured from cast aluminium to provide proper structural rigidity and optimise heat dissipation. This sump can be made to fit Holden Commodores fitted with LS engines from VB all the way to VZ.

LS Cast Aluminum Engine Swap Oil Pan. Up to 4.25" Stroke. Front sump design for applications where rear sump is not an option. Includes gasket, pickup, baffle and related hardware. 

  • Sump depth: 5.625"
  • Maximum stroke: 4.25"
  • Oil capacity: 6 quarts (5.7 L)