When swapping most any LS engine you will more than likely need to update the oil pan for proper fitment into the chassis you are swapping into, but especially so with LS truck engines and their deeper oil pans. Our steel LS swap oil pan is the perfect solution to your LS swap fitment needs, whether you need an LS3 low-profile oil pan, LS7 oil pan, or any other Gen III or Gen IV LS V8 engin

  • Fits most muscle cars, trucks, and more from the '60s, '70s and '80s that were originally equipped with rear sump engines
  • 6" deep sump with small kick outs on each side which increase capacity to 6.5 Liters for an abundant oil supply
  • 1.75" deep at shallow side
  • 8.75" Long sump
  • Fits stroker kits up to 4.125-inch stroke with OE connecting rod design
  • remote mount oil outlet and return fittings for use with a remote mounted oil filter and simple addition of an oil cooler
  • Anti-slosh baffle with one trap door in the front of the sump for increased oil control under hard acceleration and braking
  • Fabricated Aluminium construction with a Raw Finish for an factory style appearance


Kit Includes

  • Fabricated Oil Pan
  • Oil Pan Pick Up
  • Oil Pan Bolts
  • Oil Pan Aluminium Filter Adaptor
  • Oil Pan Gasket