RTS's new SFI certified flexplate Kit for the popular Ford Barra are designed to be a true upgrade for many street and race applications. These explosion proof, billet carbon steel flexplates have gone through SFI's thorough testing procedures to produce a flexplate that will exceed all expectations. Designed for high performance RB30 engines paired with JATCO 4-speed automatic transmissions, they are extremely lightweight, reducing its inertial forces it produces while rotating, applying the least amount stress through the transmission without compensating for performance. Quicker launches, excellent engine response and more consistent shifting are what you can expect from RTS billet Flexplates.


  • Explosion Proof Billet Steel.
  • Billet CNC machined to factory specs.
  • Capable of massive horsepower .
  • 10mm material thickness 
  • SFI Certified 
  • ARP Bolts