RTS clutch style positraction differential is a welcome alternative to expensive locker & spool differentials which are often overkill and more than the common street car requires.

RTS traction Plus systems are the latest design in differential tech upgrades. They combine the smooth operation of a limited-slip differential, with the strength of a fully machined case. These systems use carbon fiber and steel friction plate technology, delivering streetable and consistent traction. They arrive completely assembled--and because there are friction plates on machined internal gears, they are fully rebuildable. The carriers are the ideal solution for just about any light truck, sport utility, and muscle car on the road today.

  • 31 spline 
  • Works with factory 9 inch Ford differential case, gear, axles and bearings
  • Spring loaded clutch pack with improved grip over OEM designs 
  • Forged steel case, Genuine Ford were cast iron and were prone to cracking 
  • Improved strength and traction over OEM unit
  • Heat treated spider gears 
  • Quiet operation, no clicking when disengaging for corners 
  • Ideal for street tires and medium horsepower applications 
  • Use Petroleum based oil with a friction modier FMS-19546-A12
  • must use 7/16 in.-20 X 1.250 in bolts