If you are looking for the ultimate in traction, the RTS Grip Lok Plus traction system can handle the torque of engines producing up to 550 hp. It combines the fully automatic locking action of the Powertrax traditional locker, with the strength of a fully machined case. Using automatic locking technology, the Powertrax Grip Lok traction system delivers automatic mechanically actuated traction. This system is the ultimate in competition for street, strip, and off-road capabilities

This Grip Locker is the ultimate in mechanical locking differentials for street, off-road, and drag racing. RTS Grip Lockers provide 100% power to both tires, while still allowing for disengagement while negotiating turns.


  • Provides 100% Power to Both Wheels
  • Automatically Disengages Through Cornering
  • Made From High Strength 8620 Steel