RTS' race series cast aluminium transmission pans are constructed from A356-T6 aluminium and are cast with thick internal and external fins, adding additional strength and increasing heat dissipation abilities. These deep pans increase fluid capacity by almost 1.5-2.5 litres over stock OE styled steel pans depending on which one you are removing. These features combine to help dissipate heat quicker and therefore decrease transmission and fluid operating temperatures, prolonging the life of all related components. All pans come with a 4.5 mm thick silicone reinforced gasket, magnetic drain plug, deep filter and mounting hardware, while others also come with filter extensions and accessories.

Pan is drilled and tapped to accept the supplied brass union for a Pan Filled filler tube commonly known as a C10 in Australia

Ford Customers who wish to use it as a Case Filled Pan, simply install the supplied 1/2NPT block off plug