RTS SuperMax TH400 Transmission Case

RTS SuperMax 400 transmission cases are a street/strip version of the TH400 aftermarket SFI transmission case. The bellhousing is not included and must be purchased separately. A direct replacement for the GM case, RTS cases use a permanent mold casting to increase the case wall thickness, making it sufficient to pass SFI 4.1 certifications without the need for any external shields or internal liners. The 2-piece design allows them to be used with all popular engines by simply changing bolt-on bellhousings.

Features include:

* Speedometer and governor provisions
* Longer band anchor pins captured by oversize bosses
* Multiple external pressure taps allow for monitoring of circuit pressures
* Accepts all style oil pumps, including 8-bolt and vari-pitch designs
* Heli-coiled bellhousing and oil pump threads
* Pre-machined to fit larger custom planetary gear carriers