Spicer OEM quality service replacement U-joints feature journal crosses that are manufactured from high-quality alloy forgings and heat treated for maximum life. The bearing cups are case hardened for strength and durability. The seals are made from nitrile rubber for optimum grease retention and contaminant exclusion. All of this is why we can say that genuine Spicer parts meet the rigorous Dana standards that have made Spicer the global leader in automotive u-joint technology

Yoke U-Joint Series: 1310 to 1350

Yoke Width: 3.2190"

MFG. Part #:5-460X

Cap Diameter A:1.062"   1310 Size

Cap Diameter B:1.188   1350 Size 

Width A:3.219"

Width B:3.625"

High quality, heat treated forged steel replacement U-joints. Comes with outside retaining clips and greaseable

  • To connect 1310 series driveshafts or driveline components to 1350 series driveshafts or driveline components. 
    • For example:
      • to connect a 1310 slip yoke to a 1350 driveshaft. 
      • to connect a 1310 driveshaft to a 1350 rear end pinion yoke