These RTS LS1/LS6 Chev & Holden motor mount kits allow you to put that "little bit different" engine in your project. They have urethane bushings and include both the engine and frame brackets. Frame brackets must be cut to fit and welded to frame. 


  • 4-bolt engine flange measures 6-5/8" x 4-1/2" with one corner angled off
  • Bolt holes are 4-3/8" horizontal and 3-1/4" vertical with the vertical holes slotted for adjustment
  • Frame mount is 6-1/2" from center of bushing sleeve to end of weld on tab
  • Lower weld on tab extends an additional 1-1/4" further than the top tab
  • Bushing outside diameter is 1-1/2" and bushing length is 2-7/8"