RTS Heavy Duty Aluminium Super Case kit for Ford 9" or 9.5'' gears

RTS’ heavy duty aluminium Super cases are for the serious racer that requires a Superior strangth Application . They are constructed from heat-treated cast aluminium which has a 15% higher yield strength and 30% higher tensile strength than the regular Aluminium Cases,  Designed for drag racing and High Horsepower street applications, they are standard with a 5 bolt billet pinion support with a 360° channel to maximise oil flow to the pinion bearing, as well as two contact points with the bore of the case, holding the pinion shaft more securely for improved bearing and gear life. The Throught Bolt Design Center section add the strength along with the Billet one piece bearing caps. 



• HD Aluminium Super Case 3.062″ bore case
• Billet aluminum main caps
• Solid steel adjuster nuts
• Pinion Support Stud Kit