Replace the sintered metal oil pump gears in your Barra engine with these high-strength billet steel ones from RTS! When producing large power in modified engines, your oil pump gears will need upgrading as the torsional stresses produced through the crankshaft significantly increase. As engine speed increases, oil pressure increases, leading to premature wear which the factory gears were not designed for.

These CNC machined gear seats are constructed from AISI 4340 chromoly steel which are significantly stronger than the failure-prone OEM designs found in the Barra engine. They are heat treated and surface hardened to increase strength and toughness properties and come in a matching set to ensure tolerances are correct.

  • Heat treated and surface hardened
  • Machined together in matching sets
  • Gerotor re-designed for performance applications
  • Fits all 4.0L Barra engines from BA-FG 

A billet steel backing plate is also available to increase the longevity of your oil pump gear assembly (RTS-OPG-1B), and in a kitted form (RTS-OPG-1K).