Ford V8 11" Bellhousing, Hydraulic Clutch Fork, Clutch Fork Dust Boot

Save $$ by purchasing an RTS Bellhousing package which includes all the items associated with completing the job sucessfully!


RTS Replacement bellhousings are cast aluminum production-style bellhousings built to Ford's specifications, ensuring you of a high-quality product that's right for the job. Some applications may require minor modifications for transmission clearance and mounting. Suited for 164T applications & manual gearboxes. Toploader & Single Rail.


  • Lightweight Cast Aluminum Design Similar to Original Equipment Bellhousings
  • Direct Fit for 6-Bolt Block 289, 302, 351W or 351C Engine using a Ford Style Toploader, Single Rail Transmission
  • Will bolt to Ford dedicated Tremec but you require a spacer due to the longer input shaft
  • Designed for Hydraulic Clutch Actuation,
  • Accepts oem style fork and dust boot
  • Provision for oem Hydraulic Slave Cylinder used in Australian Applications
  • Designed for 164 Tooth Flywheel and 10 in, 11 in or Twin Plate Clutch to Maintain the Most Swap-Friendly Dimensions

Clutch Fork

RTS offers the selection of replacement clutch forks needed to keep your vehicle shifting properly. Their durable steel forks cover a wide variety of applications—and all are manufactured to OE standards, so you know that the fit and function will be just what you expect. Keep the connection between your pedal and throwout bearing moving smoothly with RTS retrofit clutch forks. These will suit RTSBH001or any OE Replacement Bellhousings. Suits : Mechanical Clutch and Hydraulic Slave Cylinder Applications.

Clutch Fork Dust Boot

Protect your clutch parts from dust, dirt, mud, water, snow, and ice. RTS clutch lever dust boots cover the opening on your engine bellhousing. As with any rubber part located near heat, your stock boots will dry rot and become brittle and less effective over time. These replacements are available in a variety of styles to accommodate a variety of applications from the 1960s and '70s. Will suit RTS-BH001 Bellhousing or factory Ford V8 Bellhousings.

Kit Include's

Ford OE Style Bellhoiusing

Clutch Fork

Clutch Fork Boot