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RTS Serious Stall Converters

RTS high stall torque converters are designed for serious-minded performance enthusiasts and offer additional strength and durability. The higher stall speeds of these converters will launch the car in a higher RPM range where more torque is readily available, resulting in quicker acceleration. They’re available for a variety of transmission makes and models. They are also available in a custom build model to suit any performance high horsepower application.

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  • Built using state-of-the-art tools & equipment
  • Billet Cover
  • Includes NEW components
  • Welded internal hub
  • Welded fins on turbine and impeller
  • Welded pilot
  • Chromoly Flanged hub, acts as a internal Anti Balloon plate
  • All critical surfaces are resurfaced by skilled craftsman
  • Pressure tested to ensure a full and complete weld
  • Electronically balanced for precision accuracy
  • Made in the USA!


Sonnax 10" performance converter kit GM-RK-1 

  • Fully machined cover with bushing installed
  • Unit-specific design for hassle-free installation
  • Oil flow grooves and holes increase fluid flow to keep converters running cooler
  • Turbine hub features a larger flanged diameter to increase the strength rigidity of the turbine

Torque Converter Specs

Stall: 3200-3600
Series: Bandit Billet Plus rated at 850hp
Size: 10"
Turbine: 17 spline
Bolt Pattern: Holden Trimatic & PowerGlide 
Bolt Circle: Dual 10.750'' / 11.500''
Pilot Size: 1.703
Mount: Billet

RTS’ full billet steel flexplates are for the serious racers. They are machined out of cold-drawn AISI 1045 carbon steel and come with a stealth black oxidised plating for added durability. Their strength to weight ratio is incredible compared to their 2-piece counterparts which enables them to handle extreme engine builds in excess of 1000 HP. They offer heat-treated, precision machined gear teeth for added strength and feature low runout values to produce an incredibly durable flexplate. They all come with a SFI 29.2 explosion-proof rating.

  • Concentric machined to .005".
  • One piece design - 100% machined.
  • Proprietary heat treating process.
  • Chamfered gear tooth provides better engagement.

Application information:

  • Fits Chevrolet standard crank.
  • 153 tooth ring gear.
  • 12 pitch gear form.
  • Neutral balance.
  • Weighs 9.6 pounds.
  • Converter pattern 1 - 3 holes 7/16" diameter on 10.75" bolt circle.