RTS OEM replacement axles are produced using state of the art equipment and manufacturing techniques. These 4140 Induction hardened steel axles shafts are non-tapered with hardened bearing seats and machined to fit directly into your factory fitted Ford 9 inch diff. They feature extra spline length on the end so they can be cut to fit your exact length in a modified situation. When quality is your aim, RTS axle shafts should be your choice. RTS Axle Decal included.

  • 5 x 4.50" Stud pattern
  • Suits small bearing
  • Brake drum hub 2.427/61.65mm
  • .605"hole diameter for factory style press in wheel studs  
  • 100mm spline length allows for shortening
  • Note, prior to fitting assembled axle you need to lubricate axle seal surface area to stop seal burn
  • This is a street performance axle which exceeds oem strength/quality and not a high-powered race axle.
  • Available in XR to XY length & XA onward length
  • Dedicated Left and Right hand side length