RTS offers Ford 9 Premium Series Fabricated Rear Axle Housings in a variety of configurations, RTS rear axle housings are designed and manufactured to be more rigid and stronger than OEM housings. Depending on the application, they are ether fabricated from Mild Sheetmetal or regular Mild steel depending on the look you require, fixture-welded to ensure proper alignment, slotted for full tube engagement, and reinforced at critical areas to reduce center section and axle tube flex. Whether your car is headed for the street, the track, or the drag strip, customize your car's rear-end with a RTS rear axle housing so it will meet or exceed your expectations 

Holden HQ- On Direct Fit

Features : 

Fabricated Robot Welded Mild Steel Constructed 
Heavy Duty Face Plate
Internal gussets providing extra support 
Sloted to allow better Welding to 3 or 3.25" Tubes
Clearance for 9″ and 9 1/2″ gear sets

Center Section Studs included 

Billet Oil Cap